Dutch residents (of at least 2 years!) please apply for this program at:

The Mondriaan Fund
attn. Ms. Mayke Jongsma or Mr. Joost Vrieler
P.O. box 773
1000 AT Amsterdam
T +31 (0)20 5231640
E m.jongsma@mondriaanfonds.nl / j.vrieler@mondriaanfonds.nl
W http://www.mondriaanfonds.nl/en/

For this residency program the IBB is looking for visual artists that feel attracted to a more rural and basic surrounding – opposite to for instance ‘the big city’ and well constructed societies – and therefore dares to challange him or herselves with a surounding that doesn’t has an answer for everything. Our institute is constructed around our young talents that follow our orientation course. In the best case one feels the responsibility to share and even do workshops with them, but in any case one at least has to get along with this fact…