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IBB Kids working with Maartje Folkeringa

Alongside her own project Folkeringa conducted a seminar with the IBB students. The students imagined and described an imaginary persona. After this Maartje questioned them extensively to get to the core of their character and characteristics. Upon choosing a medium, they set of to work. Wonderful and widely varied works of art were made that […]


Press release: Maartje Folkeringa

The Instituto Buena Bista – in collaboration with the fonds voor beeldende kunst (fund for the visual arts) in amsterdam- has for the past 3 months had the dutch visual artist Maartje Folkeringa as a guest in her residency program. Alongside her own work she also developed a workshop with the IBB students. We invite […]


Maartje Folkeringa writes about her residency on Curacao [2]

Maartje Folkeringa | With Faultless i close my bedroom door, with bern the porch door, with Guard the front door and with Abus the gate at the frontside of the house. Three minutes later i open a gate with Nemef, another one with Ivana, the third with Fearless and finally my studio door with Ivana […]


Maartje Folkeringa writes about her residency on Curacao

Maartje Folkeringa | I sit on a porch. Tequila is laying there sleeping with her legs in the air. Sipping on my yellow Tip-Top lemonade drink i write on my laptop. I’m sweaty. Outside i can regularly hear the exploding fireworks and inside a clarinet, played by Arjan Kappers. He’s the partner of visual artist […]


Maartje Folkeringa

Folkeringa makes figurative sculptures that represent complex characters. They are as much laborious and detailed as unpolished, raw and untamed. Her work illustrates the fragility and power of interpersonal communication. The inspiration for her characters come from her environment and the people that she meets or observes from a distance, but also from movies, books […]



Dear friends of IBB, After our last newsletter in November we are working hard to send you information on IBB activities on a more regular bases. Every 2 months we want to give you all an update of IBB latest news and interesting projects that are coming up. Artist in Residence: Lydia Schouten From the […]


Prijsuitreiking Kooyman/IBB Scholenproject

De Firma Kooijman bestond het afgelopen jaar 70 jaar en heeft samen met het IBB de handen in elkaar geslagen om een scholenproject samen te stellen voor jongeren in het middelbaar onderwijs. Het IBB is een platvorm voor hedendaagse kunst op Curacao waar tevens talentvolle jongeren op creatief gebied een vooropleiding krijgen om verder te […]



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