Laurens Delfshaven, one of the institutions we are working with during this edition of AYCA, came to visit us in Kunsthal. Laurens is a care home for the elderly and one of the locations where AYCA artists are doing projects this year. At the delfshaven location artists Tirzo Martha, Roxette Capriles and Elvis Chen will engage with the residents and from there make a new set of works. Some of these works will make their way to Kunsthal while others are going to stay at the location.

The artists and helping alumni went to the location and picked up the residents who are participating in the project. After a nice short walk they arrived and were guided through the exhibition. They also got an explanation of what AYCA will be doing together with them at the Laurens location.

This is the first of various visits to Kunsthal planned for the residents of Laurens Delfshaven.

Check the pictures to see how the visit was.