Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) and Klinika Capriles are proud to announce that on Friday, October 21, 2016, they will be celebrating the anniversaries of both institutions. During this celebration IBB will also unveil it’s new space called ‘Esmeralda’ and a new art exhibition of their collection and the collection from Klinika Capriles. Esmeralda will be the new and multifunctional exhibition space, library and gallery of IBB. The building Esmeralda, a former pavilion of the clinic, is one of the many proofs and affirmations of the tight collaboration between the IBB and Klinika Capriles. A collaboration between psychiatry, art and the education of young talent of the IBB.
The exhibition presented on this special occasion will once again be a test on the prejudice and opinion of this very special and unusual collaboration.

For the past ten years IBB has fostered a growing collection of new cultural heritage for Curacao. More than 50 international artists have landed at the institute over the years to teach its students and make new artworks based on their interactions with the island. This collection also includes works by ex-IBB students, clients from the Klinika Capriles, alumni who came back to teach at IBB, and also the founders and workers at IBB. IBB has struggled to find a way to preserve and present this new heritage and has finally found the solution in Esmeralda. From this point on Esmeralda will be the jewel of cultural development on Curacao. Esmeralda will also house IBB’s library of more than 2000 art books. This library will be accessible to the public for research purposes.
The works presented from the collection of Klinka Capriles are works made by the clients of Capriles at their therapy session and at the art activities.

During the celebration and opening of Esmeralda opening words will be presented by director of the Mondriaan Fund, Birgit Donker; Director of the Capriles Psychiatric clinic, Waldi Oostburg; Chairman of Instituto Buena Bista, Bryan Pool; Directors and founders of IBB, Tirzo Martha and David Bade; and three Alumni who are currently back on Curacao after finishing their studies in The Netherlands, Marvi-Johanna Franco Zapata, Fiona Henriquez, and Roxette Capriles.

IBB and Klinika Capriles cordially invites you to this celebration on:
Date: Friday, October 21, 2016
Place: Mohikanenweg 8 (entrance through the Capriles clinic gate)
Time: 19:30

In the coming weeks the IBB will be presenting a variety of activities in the context of this big celebration. A lecture on the project ‘All You Can Art,’ which recently has been presented at the Kunsthal Rotterdam, will be presented to the public. Also a lecture by the IBB alumna Roxette Capriles is scheduled in these events in order to give more insight in the whole path of the development of the students starting at the IBB and the continuation during and after their study at the art academy.

Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) is the center for contemporary art on Curacao. It was founded in 2006 as an artist initiative with the goal to create a solid platform for art and art education on Curacao.
In the last 10 years IBB has been a consequent entity within both the local and international (art) community. The main objective of IBB is to properly prepare the large group of talented youth on the island that want to pursue a career in the arts of creative fields. This objective is pursued with the goal to not only get these students in the academies, but to ensure that they actually are able to follow and finish their studies and be able to have a successful career later. In the last four years, 11 IBB alumni graduated from their respective academies. Three of these alumni are currently back on Curaçao, working at IBB, giving guidance to the new generation of creative students.