IMG_7841Agata Bogacka (1976, Warsaw) will be exhibiting at the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) on Wednesday, February 12th 2014.

International Project Space artist Agata Bogacka
Agata Bogacka is a Polish artist that is primarily a painter, but she also makes drawings, photographs, objects and installations. Both abstract and conceptual art fulfill an important role in her work. She finished her studies in 2001 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland. In her exhibition ‘The Egg’ Agata Bogacka will be showing several works made in Curacao during her residency period. She explains that in these works it is very important for her to unite the abstract and the figurative in one artwork.

Bogacka also provided a workshop for the students of the IBB, wherein she decided to take a very different approach. She decided to tackle the area she felt her studies lacked most of; performance art. Students were confronted with the expression of their feelings and also had to work on how to incorporate the public in their works and had to learn how to make them follow you. The workshop results by the students will also be presented in the exhibition.

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Intern Hiu Jen Lai (1992, Netherlands)
Hiu Jen is our Asian Intern from the Netherlands and has been at IBB since October 2013. She is currently studying Fine Art and Design in Education at the HKU in Utrecht. She provided our students with a two week workshop about ‘Nest Leavers’, seeing how most of our students have to make the big step and leave the “nest” in order to continue their art studies abroad. Hiu Jen will also be exhibiting her own work, which consists mainly out of video and mixed media pieces.
One and all are invited to come and join us on wednesday night, february 12 2014 at the Instituto Buena Bista (entrance via Klinika Capriles) starting at 7.30p.m.

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