With great satisfaction we look back on yet another fantastic Open House here at IBB. We are very happy to announce that we received an ample amount of guests and were impressed by the high amount of interest in, not only, students but also teachers and parents alike! Let’s take a look at last saturday’s activities.

The day started of nicely with visitors walking in bright and early, even before opening time! Tours were organized every hour and well guided by our fellow students. Many guests even took their maps with them as a souvenir.
Guests were able to enjoy and participate in the green room presentation, learn about our computer facilities and even see our students at work. There was a pinhole exhibit of the camera’s and photographs that the students made during this and last year’s workshop and also all the students presented their works in their personal studios. People really seemed to enjoy the relaxed ambience and with no doubt the snacks and beverages too!

We are proud to say that the negative comments where almost none existent, but of course every year we have to accept critique and learn new things. Among the lesser comments were things like why we didn’t post the titles and student names at their artworks or that some people aren’t exactly fond of our location. We also noted that some of you asked for the open house to be more elaborate. We’re thinking about ways to tackle these ideas, so we’ll work on it. For sure!
Besides that, almost everyone found that our Open House was very good and they even stated that it was professionally executed. How awesome is that‽ Many parents expressed that IBB gives good guidance and that they notice good development and new potential students said that IBB seems like the perfect place to start.

All in all a great day surrounded by awesome people and we surely couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you all for coming to visit us and we hope to see you again very soon!

Did you by any chance miss our Open House? Don’t worry. You can sill come visit us! IBB is open weekdays from 1p.m. – 6p.m. And remember to stay up to date on Facebook and now also Twitter.