Dear friends,

Our local visitors probably have noticed it by now: IBB has moved into a new building. Although it was hard to leave our central location in the center of Willemstad, we gained a lot of space by relocating to a space of over 900 m2: the Orkidia pavilion at Klinika Capriles (Mohikanenweg 8). Klinika Capriles is a psychiatric hospital on Curacao in the neighborhood of Groot Kwartier.

IBB (ArteSwa) and Capriles have a history together. Since 2005 we have done several projects together focusing on social issues around psychiatric patients. Some of you may remember our joint project during the Grand Marcha of the Carnaval of that year and the sculpture we constructed from our Carnaval road-piece one can still find in the garden of the clinic. 
Capriles’ recent invitation to take place in their Orkidia pavilion meant a new step in our relationship that will go further then just ‘being there’. By organizing workshops with patients and personnel and taking place in the clinic’s think tanks on internal and external issues, we are integrating in this organization in a unique way.

We are proud to inform you that we started this years’ orientation course with 11 new students who will work on their portfolio at IBB. Together with the 12 students that stayed at the IBB from the last year, the group adds up to 23 students that will develop their creative skills and discover their talents during this school year.

Hereby we introduce them you:

New Students:
Herge Statie, Hermanus Rojer,Winsley Tweeboom, Kionn Yung, Quentin Verdaasdonk, Remco Liqui-Lung, Letitia Roerhorst, Eunice Hermina, Kevin Loon Cheng, Lauren Spencer

Students from last year that are still at IBB:
Tessa Postuma, Mingelangel Koeijers, Harley Davelaar, Jordan Nita, Julie de Lannoy, Quentley Barbara, , Uriel Symor, , Farid Guzman, Elvis Cheng, Sheggeon Smith, Johainel Andrea, Jean Mael de Palm,

New Office Manager at IBB!
We are very happy to welcome our new team member Derika Bernadina. Hereby Derika introduces herself:

My name is Derika Bernadina and I have started at IBB last September 1st. I studied ‘Hotel and Hospitality’ in the Netherlands at the Tio College in Amsterdam.
This is not the first time I am working with IBB founders Tirzo , David and Nancy. During my graduation project I started working for an organization called ‘ZO! Cultuur Zuidoost’. The organization focused on youth culture and the development of cultural activities in this part of Amsterdam, also known as the Bijlmer. By presenting new producers and projects, mainly within the field of performance and art (music, theater, dance, media, film and interactive media), ‘ZO! Cultuur Zuidoost’ managed to organize several successful projects like the Gospel Festival in this part of the city of Amsterdam.
In 2005 the ArteSwa foundation started a project together with our organization titled ‘ZO! ArteSwa’ that had over 800 participants. I had the pleasure to take part in this interesting and lively project. I ended up working at ZO! Cultuur Zuidoost for one year after my graduation, getting to know the cultural field and the organization of cultural events. After that I worked for the municipality office in Amsterdam North until I moved back to Curacao in 2009. Working at my fathers business has been a pleasure up to now, but my new position at IBB fits my abilities far better. I am finally doing what I am good at!

I look forward to meeting you all at IBB in our new building.

Until soon,
Derika Bernadina

Blokseminar ‘Drawing’ David Bade
Students working under the professional guidance of visual artist
David Bade to develop their basic skills of drawing.

Dutch Artist in residence: Koen Delaere
In close cooperation with the Dutch BKVB Fund visual Artist Koen Delaere was invited into our residency program from July to September of this year.
Koen Delaere (1970) lives in the city of Tilburg (The Netherlands) and teaches at the Academy for Visual Arts (Artez) in Arnhem. Delaere is well known in the Western art field and won the Theo Wolvencamp Prize for his paintings in 2007.

Delaere paints, of rather applies paint to the surface, with anything he can find within his reach: stones, his hands, carton, brooms, beams, spray cans, and literally anything else he can use. He paints on paper or canvas but with the same ease he takes on entire walls. In this process, in which he also uses grids, he works mainly intuitive but at the same time well prepared and focused. For Delaere the process of painting is mainly conceptual: what is painting? When does paint on a surface become a painting? He challenges this idea and takes it to a new level.

More information about Koen Delaere you can find on his website:

Next to his autonomous work, Koen also did a workshop – or block-seminar as we call it – with the IBB students. During the workshop they not only got acquainted with his vision on abstract painting but were also challenged to work together in groups in this process on several murals. The walls of our new pavilion at Capriles has undergone a transformation and shows an explosion of colors these days.

Koen Delaere and the students presented their work on September 30th at IBB’s new pavilion ‘Orkidia’. Visitors are still welcome to see the result at weekdays from 1:30 to 5:30 pm.

Internship Tessa Doorn
In September we also welcomed Tessa Doorn for an internship at IBB. Hereby Tessa shortly introduces herself:

My name is Tessa Doorn and I am a student at the Amsterdam Hogeschool van Kunsten, Beeldende Vormgeving. Next to the fact that I make autonomous work I am also training to become a teacher. Currently I am in the final year of my education and my last internship is here at IBB.
The reason I ended up doing my internship on Curaçao is an interesting story. In december 2009 IBB co-founders David Bade and Nancy Hoffmann contacted the AHK about an exhibition they were working on in Amsterdam called Niet Normaal that took place in the old Amsterdam Stock Exchange (Beurs van Berlage). David invited students (from several art academies in the Netherlands) to participate in his project for this exhibition; a large sculpture/installation that was growing during the course of the exhibition on dogma’s in religion and the questions ‘What is normal?’ and ‘Who decides on the norm?’. The project for me was a very inspiring experience.

After this project I also assisted David at his solo-exhibition at the Municipality Museum of The Hague and we started talking about an internship on Curacao. It didn’t take me a lot of time to decide on this offer. It is important to me to find depth in my educational practice and get acquainted with different cultures and a diverse group of participants. In the last month I have been on Curacao and I have already gained a lot of new insights and angles.

The block-seminar Stop-Motion Animation I organized for the IBB students last week has been a wonderful experience, both for myself as for the students. In small groups they created storyboards, drawings and by using photographic images the students made a sequence of movements and created a short animation on their stories.

La Pocha Nostra Performance Art Workshop

From November 1st to 14 Curaçao will be shaken up by a group of Mexican superheros that the people from Curacao that encounter them will not lightly forget! Invited by our co-founder Captain Caribbean a.k.a. Tirzo Martha, the La Pocha Nostra group under the inspiring guidance of curator Orlando Britto-Jinorio (Canary Islands, Spain) and Performance artist Guillermo Gomez Peña (Mexico/San Francisco). Along with them internationally renowned performance artists Roberto Sifuentes and Michelle Ceballos will organize a workshop at IBB for professionals in the cultural and intellectual field.
This extraordinary project will not pass without notice. The performance artists and their group of participants will do several public interferences during the course of the workshop. The final presentation on Saturday November 14 is something you simply cannot miss!
IBB is hosting this initiative, proposed to us by Canarian curator Orlando Britto-Jinorio, within the realm of the historical moment in the history of Curacao: 10-10-’10. Fascinated by this fact the La Pocha Nostra group decided to visit Curacao and share their vision on hybrid identity, boder issues, language, otherness, Spanglish vs. Papiamentu, etc.
IBB does not want to reveal too much in advance, but for very curious readers we advise you to look at:!

Special project Tirzo Martha and Ellen Spijkstra at St Alberthus College

In close cooperation with visual artist Ellen Spijkstra, IBB co-founder Tirzo Martha and intern Tessa Doorn together with IBB students will do a special project with the students of the St. Albertus College.
Initiated by the directors of Hotel and Restaurant Het Klooster (The Convent) and architect Lyongo Juliana, IBB was invited to do a project with the school next to Het Klooster and more specifically; to do a project on the wall that separates the school from the hotel, the former convent.

Because of the historical function of the neighboring building behind the school, that currently has a commercial value, participating parties decided that this wall should be given more meaning. With clay as a base, Ellen Spijkstra and Tirzo Martha will lead a workshop with IBB and St. Albertus students on religious bass-reliefs. The objects that will come out of this workshop will be placed in the niches of the wall of the old former convent.

Sponsors and Friends of the IBB

We strive to give our students a future in the art or applied arts field and to deliver them to art academies and applied art studies with enough basic knowledge to continue their journey in the Netherlands or Caribbean Region.

For following the orientation course during one year we ask the amount of 3,000- Antillean Guilders. For most of our student here is a bottleneck. Many of them come from families that do not have enough financial background to give this opportunity to their sons and daughters. For IBB that may never be the reason a young person cannot proceed following his or her dreams. That is why we founded the Friends of the IBB Foundation that gives Organizations, Companies and private people the opportunity to ‘adopt’ one of our students for duration of their stay at IBB. In return they regularly present their progress and have a special surprise for you as their supporter.
Please contact us if you are interested in supporting them!

So far our periodical newsletter. We hope to see you soon at IBB, orkidia paviljoen at Klinika Capriles, Mohanikanenweg 8 (behind the Peter Stuyvestant College )

We are open for visitors weekdays from 13:00 to 18:00. You are welcome any time you like…

Kind regards on behalf of the IBB team,

Cisca Bouman

PR and Communication



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