The Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) Curacao Center for Contemporary Art has opened its doors since September 2010 on their new location at the Klinika Capriles (Capriles psychiatric clinic). Here at the IBB, young talents are prepared for a future in the visual arts. The IBB hereby wants to announce their last presentation for the year 2010.
For the past three months the artist Marielle Videler has been a guest in the Dutch BKVB residency program at the IBB.

Videler’s work varies from installation and objects to live art. She prefers to use the term ‘live art’ instead of performance art because she’s in search of communication and collaboration through an action especially designed for a specific spot with a specific duration. She was once called ‘Live Wire’; a comparison that she enjoys because she tries to intensify moments of exchange and encounter with her work. She even uses tattoos.
You’re hereby cordially invited to join us in our new pavilion Orkidia at the Klinika Capriles to experience Marielle’s encounter with Curacao:

“Journael 0742 48060003 4” a travel account in 48 drawings, Curacao by Marielle Videler.

The results of her seminar with the IBB students will also be presented along with works from earlier seminars. The spectacular photographs from the recent seminar with the performance art group ‘La Pocha Nostra’ will also be presented together with the images from the Photoshop workshop with Omar Kuwas. The work in progress from the Ceramics seminar by Ellen Spijkstra will also be on display. These reliefs are being made as permanent works for a wall that separates the St. Albertus primary school and the
‘t Klooster hotel.

Where: Instituto Buena Bista, Mohikanenweg 8, main entrance Klinika Capriles.
Parking is outside. There are signs to direct you to the Orkidia pavilion.