The students that we would like to enroll are from all levels aged from 16 to about 26. Prior to admission there is a selection procedure.
Students will have to submit:
a. a portfolio with a collection of visual work
b. a completed registration form (available at IBB)
c. (on invitation) an interview with the selection committee.

Course program
The IBB offers a range of block seminars that will equip the students with the proper skills and information to attend a college level creative school. Only the students that finish the entire course of two years can count on our support and the network that IBB offers. Every day from 2:00pm until 6:00pm we offer our students a carefully balanced and broad program of practical and theoretical information about the visual art field.

Work modules
The institute offers modular courses in which differences in background education between students are recognized. The courses aim at developing skills and insights of the students depending on their own level.

Teachers, guest artists, visiting scholars and curators:
Co-founders and visual artists Tirzo Martha and David Bade structure the program for the orientation course and teach the main subjects at IBB. Visiting artists in the IPS or AiR programs all provide workshops in their specific areas of expertise. Curators and scholars lecture on the professional art world.

Cost and additional information
Complete course of one year: Nafl. 3.000,-
Students that we select for the orientation course but are not able to provide for the complete costs, can talk to our general manager Derika Bernadina, about special funding options.

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Personal Information

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