It’s hard to believe, but we’re already nearing the end of school-year 2016 – 2017. With a total of ten class graduates, several successful projects and many more exiting things to come, we look forward to informing you of two special upcoming events.

‘Shadow Archive’ by Jasper de Beijer

Jasper de Beijer (1973, Amsterdam) is the new Artist In Residence at IBB. He is a photographer who uses scale models, life size sets and computer generated images to create his own realities within the realm of photography. De Beijer has been active since 2003 and has since completed a total of eleven projects, all of which he built from the ground up in his Amsterdam based studio. De Beijer’s work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and his work is also included in a large number of collections – including those of Bank of America and Rabobank.

De Beijer just recently concluded his two-week workshop with the students of IBB; a workshop in which he is working with a method of archiving and reorganising the images that the students use for inspiration. The students used these images to build collages and thus generating new combinations of the students’ source materials.

Together with the IBB students De Beijer will be exhibiting the results from his workshop upcoming Friday, June 16. You are invited to come see the works, meet the artist, converse with the students and all of this in a very different setting – the second floor of the Round Market in Punda.

Date: Friday, June 16th 2017

Doors open: 18:00

Exhibition opening: 18:30

Place: Plaza Rondó, Punda.

All You Can Art II

As we conclude our orientation course for the summer on Curacao, we are opening the second edition of All You Can Art in Kunsthal, Rotterdam – and on the same day, Friday, June 16th 2017.

Last year we held a very eventful, and not to mention successful, first year with the launch of the ‘All You Can Art’ program. This year we’re back in The Netherlands with AYCA II and we can’t wait to meet all the new students that will participate in this year’s edition of the AYCA Summer School. IBB founders Tirzo Martha and David Bade together with social practice artists Rieneke de Vries and Liesbeth Labeur and IBB Alumni Roxette Capriles and Elvis Chen will have their own atelier where they will work with the public and summer school students on new artworks. These projects will also be active outside of the museum at various social institutions of Rotterdam. IBB staff member Omar Martha and IBB alumna Crystal Boomgaart will also be present every day at the exhibition to engage visitors and participate with them in the various projects. These works will become part of the AYCA II exhibition and thus contribute towards creating a social growth-culture.

This year’s edition of ‘All You Can Art’ will jump start with a ThinkTank session evaluating where engagement start and where it ends. Cooperative partners Stichting Laurens (elderly care), the Zuiderpark College (VMBO) and ANTES (psychiatric and addiction care) will elaborate in which manner engagement is related to or occurs in their organisation. Think and participate with us on how, and what, kind of role ‘engagement’ plays in art.
The artists and summerschool students of AYCA will work with the statements that come forth out of the ThinkTank in extra ateliers on location at the cooperative partners together with the inhabitants, students and patients. All of this to create space for the exchange of knowledge, cultures and skills.

The grand opening will come to a conclusion in a Caribbean atmosphere with the performance by the Zuiderpark Brassband and also performances by Roxette Capriles, in cooperation with the summerschool students.

For more information on AYCA II please visit:

Doors open at 19:30 and we kick start AYCA II with the ThinkTank at 20:00 in Hall 2 of Kunsthal (Rotterdam). We will close off the night with a happy hour at 21:00 in the Kunsthal Café.

If you’re in the Netherlands be sure to drop by – it’s going to be great. See you soon!