Just like with every year we have come to the inevitable time where we have to say goodbye to another group of talented and driven students. This year we have a big group again with 10 students graduating from IBB and going to continue their artistic and creative careers by studying in The Netherlands.

The graduating group this year consisted of the following students:

Travis Geertruida (HKU), Narolian Mercelina (KABK), Melissa Cijntje (AKI Artez), Melitza Kleijn (Fotovakschool Rotterdam), Andrea Ortega (HKU), Leomar Imperator (KABK), Julian Crestian (WDKA), Cherrell Pieters (CIBAB), Adara Godschalk (WDKA), Alexander Dick (GLR).

Check the images for a glimpse of the graduation ceremony.