Instituto Buena Bista Exhibition “Which framework do you use?”

Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) students show their installations “machines that attribute value”. The 30 students worked in five groups, together with youth from JJIC, and with input from clients of Klinika Capriles, during more than five weeks on their machines. The workshop was provided by the current Artist in Residence (AIR) in the Mondriaan Fund program, PJ Bruyniks ( IBB’s philosophy is that hosting guest artists like Bruyniks in our program offers our students more insight and references towards art and life. During this process there’s mutual engagement due to the master / apprentice structure that we use. PJ Bruyniks reinforced this teaching method during his assignment ‘Which framework do you use?’.

Self-reflection and awareness of the context that one uses to make decisions of all kinds came to order. Taste, prejudice, morals, ethics, fashion, trends, ideas and visions are very much connected to the framework one uses. Relativizing these frameworks is very important. In some cases it’s art’s job to point this out. By doing this, the students (and possibly the viewers) could develop more comprehension, understanding of others, collecting different ideas and different attitudes in life. This all maintains our goal to stimulate our youngsters to be more open and encourage curiosity. Things PJ Bruyniks represents as living proof!

The 5 works are:
1 – Shoe Crank: 2 cranks, 1 box and multiple shoes. What’s gonna happen ?
2 – Experience the Mirage: a Go-cart. Each student had a non physical object; the main themes chosen behind the Go-cart are labels and prejudice. We want to show that even though the Go-cart cannot drive like an actual Go-cart, it still has its value for what it is, a sculpture.
3 – Depression in a box: The sculpture is mostly made of wood and metallic material. With the help of a handle, the movement of the machine begins acting “heavy” then ends softly on a glass bowl. Through this movement we are also mimicking a balance scale, with the further idea of heaviness reacting to lightweight. With the result of this, the machine produces a gentle sound.
4 – Family erger je niet: This machine symbolizes the turmoil a family can go through in a friendly game of “Mens erger je niet”. When you are feeling off or in a pinch you can rely on your family to save you. When all of the pieces make it to home everything is in balance. There is unity and everything is at peace
5 – Rockin’ Waves: This machine is a satellite. It communicates through a lullaby to the nostalgic dream world and will disappear when the waves drift away.

For most of the students the creation of a sculptural installation is a different work process and a different usage of materials than they were used to. And working in groups was also quite a challenge.
They will tell you everything about this work process and their works during the opening on Thursday October 26th in Esmeralda from 19:00 till 21:00. Directly, through a performance, or via their works.

The idea and guidance for this project came from the current resident at IBB, PJ Bruyniks from Amsterdam.

The exhibition will remain in Esmeralda until November 24th.