I can’t believe that it’s already July and that All You Can Art has already been open for two weeks. Yes, you read it right… two entire weeks! 😱


Two – technically three since we had to setup – whole weeks of hard work, sweat, dilemmas, shared meals, excitement, performances, building, sketching, drawing, painting, workshops, interventions, meetings… basically, too many things to mention.
Between a visit from a group from Laurens, a spontaneous workshop with the Kunsthal Volunteers and even a nighttime special visit by MuseumNext, we’ve had our hands full and it’s frickin’ fantastic!


Last weekend Tirzo walked over with his group from Laurens Delfshaven – which is a center for elderly care so you can conclude that it took them a good amount of time to actually get here – and once they made it, we helped everyone to Hal 2 of the Kunsthal, where AYCA is taking place. Tirzo explained to them what we’re doing here (and why), showed them around and they also discussed what we’re going to be building together. Heck, we even had drinks and snacks together. It was very nice. Read more about this visit here.


Alumni Participation
Roxy is being a busy bee and building, what almost looks like, a fortress. She dubbed it the “Reality Machine”. I’m not going to spill the beans… you honestly gotta come down to Kunsthal and step inside and see for yourself how cool it is. Elvis is working on his own project about dreams, fears and regrets. He even built a ticket booth to go along with the wall installation.
Besides Roxy and Elvis – whom work together in the first corner atelier – Harley also joined the party and he’s been building a new plaster sculpture all week. Vesuhely decided to do her summer internship at AYCA II so she’ll be settling in soon as well.


In just a few short weeks we start with the 2017 Summer School and we can’t wait to see all the exciting new (and known) faces, but that’s it for now. Just make sure to come experience AYCA II for yourself if you happen to be in the Netherlands between now and August 27th.


Westzeedijk 34, Rotterdam


For IBB and AYCA II, I’m Tittel and I’ll see you next time! 😊