Steven Jouwersma born in the North of Holland in 1982. Graduated from the Frank Mohr institute in Groningen in 2007 in the direction of Interactive Media Enviroments. Lives and works in Brussel.

In the last couple of years I have been working on different places in the world mostly during a residency period.
My practice often starts from a social proces where I try and find ways to work with people in an intensive way.
This can result in the formation of musical bands, performances, public interventions, film recordings and sauna sessions.
Often these are a response to certain economics of attention and interests that are present at the place I work.

My constant interest is in the creation of music and the social and technical frameworks in which it takes place. I try to create musical situations that disrupt a certain expectation. The situations I organise are often in public and with humor I try to move and question the social and political positions within the audience and performer.

I work with music as well as painting, building, video and performance. My work cannot be typically characterized by a medium as more by a process-related approach and attitude.