all you can art1All you can Art – David Bade & Tirzo Martha Instituto Buena Bista Curaçao comes to Rotterdam

4 June – 21 August 2016
2nd press release, 25 May 2016

Curaçao meets Rotterdam! The exhibition ‘All you can Art – David Bade & Tirzo Martha’ presents work and work in progress by the founding fathers of Instituto Buena Bista (IBB), David Bade and Tirzo Martha, as well as by other international artists from the IBB collection. A selection of works from various collections in Curaçao and the Netherlands adds context to the Instituto Buena Bista as a preliminary training institute and venue for contemporary art on Curaçao. The exhibition also accommodates the IBB Summer School and a Workshop where ongoing work in progress can be seen by more than thirty talented young people living in the Netherlands. This summer the IBB is the place to be for these aspiring artists!

IBB, the number one playground for art with a focus on development and encounter
Instituto Buena Bista (IBB), the centre for contemporary art on Curaçao, has secured a unique place in the international art world. This is the first time that the results of 10 years of IBB – the number one playground for art – are shown outside the island. The sculptures, drawings and paintings of David Bade (1970, Willemstad, Curaçao) comment on society in a highly imaginative, raw style that is often spiked with a generous dose of humour. Tirzo Martha (1965, Willemstad, Curaçao) shows several of his politically and socially engaged installations and paintings that reflect the delicate balance and inequality of Curaçao society. Besides works by Bade, Martha and former artists in residence including Domenico Mangano, Marieke van Rooy, Maartje Korstanje and Honoré d’O, there is also work by IBB graduates and clients of the Capriles psychiatric clinic.
Contemporary and modern art from Curaçao.

Works by contemporary and modern artists that are related to Curaçao have been selected for ‘All you can Art’ in collaboration with IBB. The themes covered range from the colonial past, religion and nature to the socio-political situation, such as Tony Monsanto’s seven- metre canvas ‘Dante and Fanon into Hell’ (2011) and a sculpture by Yubi Kirindongo. There are several paintings by Chris and Lucila Engels, who laid the foundations of modern art on Curaçao. Artists like Charles Eyk and Dolf Henkes have drawn inspiration from Caribbean culture to make work that tells the story of the development of art on Curaçao. The works in the exhibition come from various collections, including that of Museum Curaçao, local private collectors including the Engels family and the May and Max Henriquez legacy, as well as from Museum Voorlinde, Het Letterkundig Museum and Museum De Fundatie in the Netherlands.

Opening Saturday 4 June at 18:30 hrs by Birgit Donker, Director Mondriaan Fund
The exhibition ‘All you can Art – David Bade & Tirzo Martha. Instituto Buena Bista Curaçao comes to Rotterdam’ will be opened on Saturday 4 June at 18:30 hrs by Birgit Donker, Director of the Mondriaan Fund in the presence of the Summer Carnival Queen. The press is warmly invited to attend.

IBB Summer School (12 July – 19 August) and Rotterdam Summer Carnival
A part of the exhibition is the IBB Summer School, where more than thirty talented youth can work on their portfolio in the Kunsthal for six weeks following the IBB method and supervised by various guest artists. At the same time the artists Bart Stuart, Klaar van der Lippe and Mette Sterre will supervise the construction of an artistic carnival float for the Summer Carnival together with TENT Rotterdam and the organiser DUCOS.

Uproot Rotterdam, the pop-up sculpture park in the Museumpark
In collaboration with Sculpture International Rotterdam and BKOR (CBK Rotterdam programmes), David Bade and Tirzo Martha together with other participants will create a new work for ‘Uproot Rotterdam’, the pop-up sculpture park in the Museumpark, For more information about Uproot, go to

Various ‘All you can Art’ activities have been organised for the summer including lectures, master classes, film afternoons and workshops by artists involved in the Summer School. The public and special target groups are invited to contribute to the artistic carnival float for the Rotterdam Summer Carnival.

Save the dates!
Friday 10 June: ‘All you can Art’ takes to the roof with a Masterclass by Tirzo Martha for the public during the Rotterdam Roof Days.
Friday 17 June: 15.00-17.00 hrs: ThinkTank about art education
Sunday 19 June and Sunday 10 July: 13.00-17.00 hrs: Filmprogramme Curaçao
Thursday 18 August: 15.00-17.00 hrs: ThinkTank about art as social practise
Saturday 30 July: Summer Carnival Street Parade with the ‘All you can Art’ carnival float in collaboration with TENT.
Sunday 21 August: Finissage ‘All you can Art’ with the results of the Summer School and new works
More information on the programme will follow soon on

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