Omi International Arts Center is a non profit arts organisation with residency programs for international visual artists, writers, musicians, and dancers. The Art Omi, located in Ghent upstate New York, seeks to foster an environment of creative exploration and exchange; professional opportunity and exposure; and a stylistically and culturally diverse community for creative artists from around the world.

Omi International Art Center selected and invited Tirzo Martha to participate in their artist-in-residence program for the visual arts. For a period of one month the artists will live and work at Art Omi.
At the end of the residency Art Omi organises the well known Art Omi Weekend which is an open studio where visitors can see the results of the pieces made by the artist during their one month stay, a celebration with 30 artists from 24 different countries, an annual event attended by hundreds of art professionals, art lovers, neighbours and friends. Tirzo Martha is the first artist from our country to be selected and invited for this residency. He was interviewed on the radio which you can listen to here. Tirzo’s participation in this residency is supported by Omi Internatonal Arts Center and the Mondriaan Fund Netherlands.