IBB Founders at the Havana Biennial

10929070_10153538057969951_2507693631165084827_oIBB (Instituto Buena Bista) founders David Bade and Tirzo Martha have been selected to contribute to the 12th edition of this renowned large-scale art manifestation. On behalf of Curaçao and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Martha and Bade will develop a “social sculpture”. For Tirzo Martha this will be his second time at the Biennale, he was already represented during the 2009 edition. This year these two artists will exhibit in Havana, Cuba, May 22nd to June 22nd. 

On the streets, from their direct observations and experiences with the environment and the residents of the neighborhoods, they’ll create a number of moving sculptures. Mobile sales stalls that the two artists will have at their disposal will form the basis. By communicating directly with the people, inciting them to make creative contributions or supplying small or large materials (these could also be stories), the artists will build these carts up into something resembling road-pieces. 

The ideas of Bade and Martha fit well within the theme and the curatorial concept of the Biennial: “Between the idea and the experience.” It is the relationship between art and the urban (social) situation that is important to the organizers. This fits as a glove for the two artists who, in their own practice and over 10 years of shared context of projects in the community with IBB, prove to be truly committed to their surroundings and every time have a ‘hands on’ mentality when exhibiting where they provide their pupils such teaching and encouragement.

One student of IBB accompany the artists to gain experience and to provide assistance. PR staff member and visual artist Avantia Damberg will document the entire process. Upon returning to Curacao they shall share the results share during a special event at the IBB.

The Havana Biennial was established in 1984 and its first edition was dedicated to artists of Latin America and the Caribbean. Since the second Biennial of 1986, artists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East have also been taking part in the exhibition. This tradition, which has remained during each of the subsequent editions, turned Havana into an important venue for the gathering and exhibition of ‘non-Western’ art. The Havana Biennial has focused its attention on the artists from the South whose works represent concerns and conflicts – many times of universal scope – that are common to  our region.

Center of Contemporary Art Wilfredo Lam organizes the 12th Biennial of Havana this year. In this edition, under the title Between the idea and the experience, the biennial convenes an important group of artists from all over the world, whose works and projects focus on the relationship of art with the urban space, with the social communities of Havana or toward trans-disciplinary practices. Within those invited there’s an emphasis on the participation of 10 artists from the Caribbean, including Tirzo Martha and David Bade from Curacao. 

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