Felix & Mumford (Egypt and Holland) with their usual ironic language that is able to break the logical chain of formal narratives, present for the theme of Wunderblock, a collection of traces left on park benches and walls around the Grimmuseum. Beyond a possible attempt to rewrite the trails, they built conjugating engrams, traces and symbols with evocative values and in that sense are able to catch the conscience, the public memory of an instant.

So much so that artists radiograph hypomnemata, i.e. reminders, notes, public records and comments of anonymous intentions of those they recorded on the walls and benches along Graefestrasse, Urbanstrasse, Fichtestrasse, Grimmstrasse, Diefenbachstrasse and Boeckstrasse in the city of Berlin in 2011. As public memoranda, the hypomnemata of fourth century BC Greeks functioned as artificial memory of things read, heard or thought, then offered, and even more so today, as an accumulated treasure of reports and announcements of purifying or atoning value. Thus, Felix & Mumford are perhaps operating in the homolingual possibility, located in between the already trodden modern concept of originality, how does one create a retro-utopia?

Indira Aguilera Kohl, Curator Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas

From their website: felixandmumford.com/