In Rieneke de Vries’ artists practice a lot can be found: Research, conversation, traveling, writing, film, photography, paper sculptures… New connections are made all the time. Rieneke has a preference for naive art, psychiatry, human rights, philosophy, perception, soap opera, clichés and rolemodels such as the victim versus the offender or majority versus minority. In her work all those things are mixed up and appear in new forms all the time.

Rieneke plays with her position as an artist, with the role of the audience or participants in her projects. Everybody, including herself, can be consumer, topic, learner, source, material, public and author of an artwork.

On this moment she is working on a movie and some text and collages about a Russian prisoner in the Kresty prison, St. Petersburg, and on a series of artworks in public space called “The 4 Seasons”.

The place without truth or lie, good or bad, that’s the place Rieneke is looking for in her work. For most people this is confusing: when social and political issues are at stake, people want to take sides.

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