Upcoming thursday, april 25, will be the grand opening of a big new exposition at the Instituto Buena Bista (IBB)
IMG_0251In this exhibition visitors can view the most recent works from our students, but also works from Local Artist in Residence Avantia Damberg and Artists in Residence Jeroen Kooijmans en Elspeth Diederix, whom resided at the IBB via the Mondriaan Fund. Avantia Damberg, born on Curaçao, after going to the Rietveld Academy and staying in the Netherlands for a period of time recently returned to Curaçao and made a multimedia installation. Jeroen Kooijmans worked on a very exciting film where IBB students participated as extras, assisted him and in doing so gained a lot of new experiences. Elspeth Diederix worked on a new photo series and also gave a workshop to the IBB students from her field of expertise while on Curacao.

Besides the results from the above named artists it will also be possible to see the work-process of the current workshops. One of these is the short workshop from former IBB student Cleo de Brabander, who is on Curaçao for a period after completing her degree at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. It will of course be possible to talk to the different artists and students. Jeroen Kooijmans will also provide a lecture on his and Elspeth Diederix’ work and their experiences on Curacao.
IMG_0067Furthermore, paintings that were made during workshops with patients from the Klinika Capriles and the students of IBB will be shown. A report shall be given about the trip to the Florida Atlantic University (FAU) made by Bade and Martha with two IBB students for possible further collaboration with the FAU. Churandy Windster painted his experiences from his trip to assist Martha and Bade for their participation at the Panama Biennale.
In short, an eclectic set of the rich dynamics of the IBB.

Everyone is welcome to come and see this special evening for themselves. Entry is completely free and the exhibit is open for all ages.
Date: Thursday, April 25 2013
Time: From 7 p.m.
Place: Mohikanenweg 8 (On the terrain of Klinika Capriles, Orkidia Pavilion)
For more information please check our website www.institutobuenabista.com and follow ons on Facebook.