Between the 2nd of January and 30th of April artist Yasser Ballemans will have a residency at the ‘Instituto Buena Bista’ on Curacao.
Together with students of the ‘IBB’ and patients of psychiatric clinic ‘Capriles’ he is going to participate in the annual Curaçao carnaval parade.

‘Inside Out’ stands for the emergence of art in the carnaval parade of Curaçao. The familiar walls of the institute and the clinic will be left behind to make a step from inside to outside. This theme will also be used in the works by the students. They are going out with a personal vision on the carnaval. They will play with the contrast between disappearing in the mob and the individual identity.

The project ‘Inside Out’ does not stand by itself. Yasser Ballemans has organized in his position as a co-curator together with KOP the exhibition ‘Op Zunne KOP’ in Breda. Herein the connections between carnaval and the visual arts are explored. The project can be followed on this page and on a big screen in the Electron hangar at KOP in Breda where Willem Claassen in the project ‘Op Zunne KOP’ works on his contribution to this parade.

This project is possible thanks to funds provided by Fonds BKVB

For more info on this artist check out his website at: