Hello everybody!

Welcome to the first edition of IBB’s newsletter for school-year 2012 – 2013. We have tons of great updates and information for you.

New school-year, new students!

This year IBB started with a big group, a total of almost 30 students and an incredible amount of 15 new students. Wow!
The new faces are: Vesuhely Americaan, Kevin Everon, Leomar Imperator, Amenda Kelders, Gerson Kronstadt, Michelle Lozano, Andrew Lluveres, Azjeem Martis, Renzo de Pablo, Syree Palm, Terrence Richardson, Gita Sagredo, Eveline Salas, Quinten Whyte, Christina de Windt and Jeanutha de Windt.
Students that have moved on to another year of IBB are:
Shudarley Anthony, Marichel Boye, Amber Burgos, Tamika Lont, Inez Loods, Rashid Pieter, Friefabian Plantijn, Kristel Rigaud, Hermanus Rojer, Dominic Schmetz and Churandy Windster.

The students are already hurdling over obstacles, broadening their creativity and learning to work together as a team. We can’t wait to see how the school-year develops.

Workshops are running right on track…

It’s been more than two months since IBB started and we’ve already had 3 workshops/block-seminars. IBB started the year off with a very interesting introduction week and we’re already getting a good idea of who’s who and shared some wonderful exchanges with the students.

Workshop Documentation
After the get-to-know-each-other part of the year was done we proceeded on to our first workshop, which was given by Omar Kuwas and tackled the difficult aspect of documentation. In this seminar students learned how they should photograph, name and store their works. It’s essential for students to understand why it is so important to make a database for future reference and use. Accordingly they also got introductory lessons on certain programs and started putting together their own portfolio. A portfolio is also a very useful medium to inform the new guest- artists/teachers about the ‘state of the art’ of every student of the IBB.
Workshop Politics
Tirzo Martha gave the second workshop, which covered the subject of our island’s current political situation. Students where asked, among other things, to make their own political party, set-up a candidate list and also make a campaign poster. This workshop provoked serious debates and showed strong character within our students. Students also got to experiment with photoshop.
Workshop ‘Hokjesgeesten’
After the fall vacation the students started a new workshop with our current Artist in Residence, Erik Habets. This workshop is part of our project ‘Hokjesgeesten’. A broad project that involves the participation of several patients (from different Capriles departments) to encourage not only team work between the clinic and IBB, but also for the patients (and students) to ‘step outside the box’ and in this context tread out of their comfort-zone so that they are able to share stories and together work on developing metaphors and building these great ideas from sketches and drawings into big wooden sculptures. This collaboration continues and will turn the Capriles and IBB premisses into a sculpture-park!

Next up: our current AIR and Intern

Artist in residence Erik Habets
Erik (1978, Heerlen, Netherlands) is not unknown to us here at IBB, he has previously assisted in the IBB course back in 2010 and has also participated in ArteSwa projects. Erik’s work consists of big sculptures, drawings or installations. For more information on Erik please visit the article on our website.

Intern Thijs van Roon
Thijs is a young and ambitious student from the Netherlands. He’s currently studying fine arts and design in Amsterdam and helping us at IBB setup an art history trajectory for our students and will be joining us until November 2012.

Friends of IBB and Sponsors

As many of you know we are always looking for sponsors. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in sponsoring our institute or maybe one of our students please contact Derika Bernadina weekdays between 9:00 and 15:00.

That’s it for this time, but remember that we are always open for visitors on weekdays from 11:00 to 18:00 and be sure to stay tuned & keep completely up to date with weekly updates on Facebook.
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