Erik Habets (1978, Heerlen, NL) is fascinated by all the beautiful, special, laughable, foolish and sometimes vulgar, sad and ugly things, which daily life has to offer. The art of Erik Habets is a reflection of his own small surroundings; it is a projection of the world as he sees it. It is not a direct response to the actuality or social issues; it is a reaction to life itself. He makes small things big and important. Being astonished about (common) things such as people, animals, behavior, conversations and/or situations is the beginning of his work. This inspiration is often exaggerated or distorted to a point of no recognition. Always for the benefit of the work.  With distinct honesty Erik Habets is able to show the uncomplicated site of life by using the fascination in the experiences of his own character and mixing it with lots of humor and nonsense. On the other hand it seems to be inevitable that, every now and then, some kind of ambiguous feeling will overwhelm the spectator. A feeling in which the seeking spectator may find a double layer. Erik Habets loves to add chaos and confusion to the interpretation of his work so every spectator can come to his own conclusion. A very important aspect of Habets work is that he is constantly questioning the autonomy and the manifestation of the contemporary visual arts. According to Habets, art should step into society with  both feet and disengage itself from its rusty pedastral.  False pretensions and ambitions which obscure art should be denounced and placed in perspective. With his foundation,  Union by Fiction,  Habets is trying to make a substantial contribution.