In co-operation with The Plein Air Curaçao Art Festival, IBB has been invited to participate in the “The Mega Mural” project thought up by the Curacao government. The aim of this project was to liven up a stadium wall that is one of the first things cruise ship tourists see when the disembark on Curacao.

It consists of a long wall divided into sections. A selection of artists have been chosen to “reprint” a work of theirs on one of these sections. IBB has been given two of these sections for this purpose. We took this chance to give our new students a trial by fire and also start their new school year with a bang. They were tasked by David Bade with making these two murals together on their second day of school. As this also starts David’s painting workshop “reprinting” of works is highly discouraged in favor of new and creative works.

We’ll have a more expansive gallery later, but for now, here’s a glimpse of what the students have been working on.

(images courtesy of Crystal Boomgaart)