Instituto Buena Bista (IBB), the center for contemporary art on Curacao, has invited the artists Monica Tormell and Tomas Adolfs to give a workshop to the students of IBB and to help them with the final touches in the compiling of their portfolios.

Tomas and Monica shall present their work on coming 3 of June starting from 18:00 at IBB, located in the Orkidia pavilion of the Capriles Clinic situated at Mohikanenweg 8. You will be able to see and listen to the results of the musical sculptures workshop that they conducted with the students of IBB.

The workshop “Musical Sculptures” was to challenge the students into the developing of a new musical instrument. The instruments, largely made from recycled materials, were to have not only a unique sound but an interesting sculptural value as well.

A wide variety of instruments have developed in the past couple of weeks. These include a wind instrument made of PVC tubing and an old toilet bowl, a percussion instrument made of tree bark and rebar, a string instrument made of cacti and a cacophony driven by the wind.

Together the musical sculptures form an orchestra. The students shall perform a musical composition with them on the third of June. You are hereby cordially invited to witness this live performance. Entrance is free.

Monica Tormell (Sweden, 1976) is a visual artist
and musician. She routinely combines bothdisciplines in her work. For her works she routinely looks for opposites and tries to bring them closer to each other and intertwine them. During her first stay on Curacao in 2009 she came on the idea for her musical alter ego ‘Moon & Sun’ and thought up a new musical genre called ‘Apocalypso’; a combination of dark Swedish pop and Caribbean percussion. She has published two albums as Moon & Sun and toured trough The Netherlands, Germany and Sweden. For more information check the following sites out: &

Tomas Adolfs (Enschede, The Netherlands, 1977) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld academy of arts in Amsterdam in 2005. The red line trough his work is a fascination with the (often invisible) history of a place or space. He brings stories to life trough his sculptures and installations. Much of his work is site specific and is preceded by visual research. He stayed for the first time at the IBB in 2009 trough a BKVB Fund grant, where he made an installation with reconstructed elements of a decrepit vacation resort. For more information check:

More info can be found at: