Parallel to the exhibition of Lucia and her project with the IBB students we also have a presentation of the workshop Pinhole photography that was given by Omar Kuwas. This branch of photography is a throwback to the starting days of photography and allowed the students to work with this medium at it’s most basic and simple form. In this workshop the students weren’t only making use of the technique but they also had to design their own camera’s. So here they were not only confronted with the making of a good image but also with all the technical details of how to build your own camera. A camera that doesn’t let light thru or the manageability of the camera. On display will be the interesting cameras that the students made, and the photographs they produced with them.

On Thursday March 31st from 5:30 pm we welcome you all to the opening of this exciting new exhibition at IBB’s Orkidia pavilion (Klinika Capriles, Mohikanenweg 8, Curacao). Admission is free!