The Vereniging Antilliaanse Netwerk will organize a meeting with the Curacao born artist David Bade on the 26th of June 2010.
During this meeting David Bade shall give an introduction to his work and give a tour trough his “catch of the day” exhibition in the GEM Museum of contemporary arts in The Hague. The director of this Museum, Benno Tempel, writes the following about the exhibition:

“He looks for the cooperation of the public in his installations. This type of public participation is something that is very typical of his attitude. Bade can’t do anything else than searching for contact with society. He does this with his publicly situated sculptures, but also in the realization of the objects. Contrary to many committed artists, Bade doesn’t want to take a stand in the social issues, but spur on the stimulation of the fantasy and give expression to the power of imagination. It’s not without reason that his installations (that can grow to complete structures) sometimes remind one of the floats of the Caribbean carnivals. The colorful stockades that are his installations look certainly lost between the drab brick architecture of The Netherlands. The will to live, dynamic and humor gives the work a playful character which sometimes hide the more critical sides. Bade doesn’t want to delight. His work grates, is cheeky and just says what it wants to say.”

The work of David Bade also knows a very socially involved side. His exhibition also pays attention to the Instituto Buena Bista, Curacao Center for Contemporary art (IBB), an art institute that he established in 2006 with Nancy Hoffmann and Tirzo Martha. The IBB aims to develop young talent trough an orientation course, a thorough program with guest artists and a network in the field of education and research. David Bade, together with Tirzo Martha and Nancy Hoffmann shall talk more about their work at IBB during this meeting.

Location: GEM Museum contemporaty arts | Stadhouderslaan 43 | 2517 HV Den Haag
Time: Doors open at 14.00 uur, meeting starts at 14.30 uur