Ritual is a recurrent element in the work of Kostana Banovic. Her drawings, which she embarked upon in 1990, register the constant repetition of the same action: the drawing of tiny pencil lines. The lines rarely touch and together form a more or less regular, rhythmical pattern of lines and spaces. Yet these are not typical drawings. Sometimes, if the beginning or end of the lines are marked by a small hole in the paper, it looks as though someone has set about the drawing with needle and thread. Clearly, the emphasis here is not on the image itself but on the action, its repetition and the state of mind it evoked. The drawings are the product of intense concentration, bordering on a ‘trance’ state. By practising a ritual learned in former Yugoslavia, her native land, before starting to draw, Banovic partly loses awareness of her immediate physical surroundings – something that is part and parcel of this state of mind. The ritual itself comprises laying out a series of 41 beans according to a set pattern. The numbers and their combinations reveal the nature of your relationship with another, and how it might progress.
–From: “Measure of distance”


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