Ato Malinda is a performance, installation and video artist as well as an occasional painter from Nairobi, Kenya. She grew up in the Netherlands, Kenya and Texas and has subsequently returned to Kenya to discover a convoluted identity seeped in the apparent Jungian occurrences of East Africa, however contrastingly performed by semi-conscious amnesiacs. The histories of her native country are buried. Pursuant of an African Renaissance, with a lineage of post colonialism as a post modernist being, Ato is developing the voice of a contemporary, African, female artist.
Ato is interested in exploring this identity vortex with a heightened awareness of contextualised African performance surrounded by the aesthetics of visibility. She studied Art History at the University of Texas at Austin and has since been a practising artist, exhibiting on the African continent and in Europe.
Her passion for art practise and research remains ever-present, and she also works as a grassroots art teacher for African girls on the continent.

Portfolio (PDF 9.8MB)

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