Dear friends,

This year for our orientation course we started early September with an exciting project we will tell you more about below. We are proud to inform you that we started this new course with 13 new students who will work on their portfolio at IBB. Together with the 9 students that stayed at IBB from the last year, the group adds up to 22 students that will develop their creative skills and discover their talents during our orientation course…

Hereby we introduce them to you:

DSC00659New students:
Uriel Symor, Chrystal Boomgaart, Michael Etnel, Jordan Nita, Tessa Postuma, Chardienne Girigori, Adriana Rodriquez,Ricky Veeris, Julie de Lannoy, Sheggeon Smith, Syree de Palm, Pierreson Thielman and Iris de Grauw.

Students from last year that are still at IBB:
Frenjeska Schoop, Elvis Chen, Quentley Barbara, Luigino Brandao, Farid Guzman, Harley Davelaar, Friefabian Plantijn, Yulisa Chatlein, Johainel Andre.

IBB welcomes new team member
UntitledWe are very happy to welcome our new team member for IT and Design, Omar Kuwas. Omar studied Communication and Multimedia Design in The Hague. Last year he did his final internship at IBB, which made us realize Omar had become indispensible to the team. In the beginning of October he started developing several new designs for IBB (house style), focussing on the education of our students on the level of new media and practice his skills in photography (especially pin-hole photography). He will also be of technical support to our students and guest artists.

16_11_09_1531In September we also welcomed Judith van der Ham for an internship at IBB. She studies Leisure and Recreation Management in Rotterdam and will support the recent school program IBB started in cooperation with Kooyman Hardware Store.

What this project is about?
Kooyman Hardware Store celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. Because of her long and ‘constructive’ relationship with Curacao, their ambitions for the future and a responsibility they feel towards the community and especially young people, we developed a special school project for young students between the age of 12 and 17 years old. P1013059_b

The project started last October 19th when we delivered the parcels to the schools involved. Each parcel contains two projects developed by IBB artists and co-founders Tirzo Martha and David Bade. They both will stay involved with the school and the teachers during the course of the project.

At the end the results will be presented at IBB where a professional jury will decide which students will win one of the prizes provided by Kooyman Hardware Store.

Researcher in Residence
Professor_Zijlmans_vertelt_over_World_Art_StudiesOn a regular bases IBB invites, not only artists but occasionally also researchers, scholars or curators for a public presentation at IBB and to get acquainted with our institute. Late August we invited Professor Kitty Zijlmans from the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, to present a public lecture about her research and publication on World Art Studies.

kitty_zijlmansAt the University of Leiden in The Netherlands Kitty Zijlmans, Professor of Contemporary art and theory, has been working hard over the last decade to broaden the view on art history in a global perspective. The University of Leiden offers a good context because of the studies of worldwide languages and cultures, but also the arts are more global than ever. The arts are in constant movement and visions on art history must follow in that stream, to her opinion. That is why she started the profile for ‘World Art Studies’ at the University of Leiden, looking at art as a global phenomenon and looked at it from a multi-disciplinary perspective. One of the ways in doing so, she feels is looking at contemporary developments in the current art world.
During her lecture she illustrated the viewing points of World Art Studies (macro) by presenting the process of her intensive cooperation with Ni Haifeng, a visual artist from China who shares his time between Amsterdam and Beijing. From their own perspective both are interested in the interrelation between art and global movement. Out of their cooperation, within the framework of a broader project called ‘Coops’, came an exhibition with the title “Return of the Shreds”, that gives an insight in how art in practice and the development of art theory are able to make the points of view more profound, mutually (micro).

Kitty Zijlmans donated an artwork made by Ni Haifeng that was produced for this project to the IBB collection, which we are very thankful for.

IBB’s International Project Space (IPS)
Kara Walker

IBB students meet visual artist Kara Walker

IMG_2859.JPGThe first block seminar for the orientation course this year was a workshop with visual artist Kara Walker (USA).
Kara Walker (Stockton, California 1969) became internationally well known with her paper cut silhouettes that seem to represent innocent, nostalgic landscapes in almost fairytale dream worlds, but on second look we find a cruel, sexist and racist world with stereotypes which we cannot ignore to recognize. Themes like gender, sexual harassment and violence, slavery and racial issues pass in review.
During the workshop the IBB students learned how to make paper cut silhouettes and techniques to make them like puppets to create a theatre environment. With a lot speed, energy and fun, together with Kara, our IBB students even created a small theatre/shadow play with their cut silhouettes, which they performed during our first opening this season.

Artists in Residence: Foreign Studio of the BKVB Fund

Katharina Galland
P1000552.JPGIBB invited for the Dutch BKVB Fund residency program visual artist Katharina Galland. Katharina was born in Germany, but has been living in Holland for several years where she also attended the postgraduate Sandberg Institute, after studying at the AKI in the city of Enschede. Next to her autonomous work she also did a block seminar with our students from the orientation course. September 22nd from 7.30 pm our guests witnessed Galland’s ‘frozen explosion’ and the launch of a very exceptional speedboat in front of the IBB at the Waaigat.

Katharina Galland has a fascination for drawing, that’s for sure. But the fascination doesn’t end right there. It is the beginning of a journey that takes her along the path of seeing, being seen and the things she wants to show us. Not only with a pencil on paper you can draw but also with paper, or with plastic. Lines you can draw in the space that surrounds us, and it can still undeniably be recognized as drawing.

Galland was struck by the landscape on Curacao, and by the people, separately. Although later on both fascinations came together and merged into her vision on how to process this into her work. In her head it became an explosion and an escape in a world that is glued together and shows us a reflection of the world we deal with on a day-to-day basis.
DSC00801.JPG“Everything here seems to be an explosion, frozen in time” Katharina told us. “That’s why I thought of making a stilled explosion out of paper”. Next to the explosion she wanted to create an advanced escape machine to complete the scenery. An aerodynamic speedboat made out of all the plastic nature on Curacao is ‘enriched’ with; she gathered enough materials to make a fairly large object. In front of the IBB building where – inside – the students participated in creating the paper explosion during her block seminar. One can regard it as an escape route. Also frozen in time, build out of hundreds of pieces of weathered plastic and tons of glue. If we would glue together all the plastic on and around Curacao we could not only make beautiful drawings in space, but we could clear our landscape of the load it is bearing and enrich ourselves with new views. But we need an artist like Katharina Galland to make this visible to us, and the IBB can add a new ‘buena bista’ to her sleeve…

IBB Collection
IMG_4018.JPGJust graduated Dutch researcher Karlien Metz has been a guest at IBB for three months from September 16th until November 16th. After studying history she started a Master in Museum Studies. IBB invited her to research the collection of art works we have in storage, a result of three years of residencies. It became a collection of more than twenty art works, a valuable and diverse collection we hope to present as a whole in the future.
Karlien made an inventory and database of the works, she wrote a proposal for maintaining the works in optima forma for the future and helped us document the works and additional information in preparation of a publication we will present in the first quarter of 2010.

We strive to give our students a future in the art or applied arts field and to deliver them to art academies and applied art studies with enough basic knowledge to continue their journey in the Netherlands or Caribbean Region.

For following the orientation course during one year we ask the amount of 2.100,- Antillean Guilders. For most of our student here is a bottleneck. Many of them come from families which do not have enough financial background to give this opportunity to their sons and daughters. For IBB that may never be the reason a young person cannot proceed following his or her dreams. That is why we founded the Friends of the IBB Foundation that gives organizations, companies and private people the opportunity to ‘adopt’ one of our students for the duration of their stay at IBB. In return they regularly present their progress and have a special surprise for you as their supporter.
Please contact us if you are interested in supporting them!

Sponsors and Friends of the IBB
We want to use this occasion to thank our sponsors and ‘Friends of the IBB’ for supporting the institute and students in developing their talents for the future.

The Instituto Buena Bista hereby expresses her gratitude to the following organizations, funds and private persons:

Mondriaan Foundation
Doen Foundation
BVKB Foundation
Ministery of Education, Culture and Science of The Netherlands

Special appreciation to:
Klinika dr.D.R. Capriles
Stichting Monumentenfonds Curacao
Stichting Monumentenzorg Curacao

Friends of the IBB:
The students of the IBB are thanking the Friends of the IBB for the individual support they receive from:
Building and Construction Company Willemstad NV
Mas Management
Sanjo BV
Juwelier ‘De Goudsmid’
Fundashon Abram Salas

So far our periodical newsletter. We hope to see you soon either life at IBB at the De Ruijterkade 58 on Curaçao or in our next news letter containing news about Artist in Residence and ‘grande dame’ of Dutch visual arts, Lydia Schouten, our new art review website Entre Otros, the internship of Annebeth van der Mark and upcoming projects for the new year 2010.

We are open for visitors weekdays from 14:00 to 18:00. You are welcome any time you like…

Kind regards on behalf of the IBB team,

Cisca Bouman
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