IBB presents with great pride the 8 youths that will participate in the video workshop in connection to the Stranger Festival organized by Kosmopolis (www.kosmopolis.com)on Curaçao. A jury shall judge the 8 films on the coming 10th of may. The 2 finalists shall win a trip to the Netherlands and the right to compete in the Stranger Festival in Amsterdam come june.

jcJ.C. Stenacker
Geb.datum/born: 31-12-1988 Curaçao
[Filmlengte/length: 4:19 minuten]

Title/ titel: “What you see”
My uncle told me about this project and I like it very much. I like film and I have a strong opinion about the things that are happening around me, that’s why I decided to participate in this workshop. I also like to play with my band. It’s a reggae band and we are going to play on the 10th of May…

elvisElvis Chen
Geb.datum/born 26-11 1988 Suriname
[Filmlengte/length: 4.36 minuten]

Title/titel: „The Chen“
I was asked to do this for a project at Instituto Buena Bista where I am a student for the orientation course. My teacher Tirzo told me about this project. You never know unless you try and besides life is full off surprises. You never can create your future if you don’t risks to do things unexpected. At the end of the project I did enjoy it. It was fun to make a short film and I hope that what I have had learned from this project will be of good use later in life.

harveyHarvey Davelaar
Geb.datum/born: 20-04-1989 Curaçao

[Filmlengte/length: 4:26 minuten]

Title/title: “Running from myself”
I like making movies and when Tirzo Martha, my teacher, told me about this project, I was really happy I could join. I can finally express myself with visual new media and that will be of very much use for me in my future as an artist; in September I will start art academy in the Netherlands (The Hague)… I seriously loved this project! Really much thank you guys!

papitoJulivean ‘Papito’ Reigina
Geb.datum/ born: 30-11-1983 Curacao
[Filmlengte/ length: 2:59 minuten]

Title/ titel: “Nadi Hasi”
I am always ready to try new stuff, when Tirzo told me about this task I said ok then lets go for it, to see what I can make from it. I can learn new stuff and maybe it helps to show other places of the world that we have talents here on Curacao to. You never know maybe one day I will be a famous movie director. Thanks for the opportunity and I hope you all will enjoy my film…

darnelnickNick J. Polanco / Darnel Rafaela
Geb.datum/ born: 01-03-1990 Curacao
Geb.datum/ born: 19-04-1989 Curaçao
[Filmlengte/length: 4:55 minuten]

Title/titel: „Curacao B-Boys Free Stylin‘“
Nick: My first motivation was my father but later on was the fact that I want to go deeper in the art of movie editing. I was going to learn script and storyboard making.
Darnel: What motivated me was Nick J. Polanco. He said that his father and our school director has recommended us to IBB, to participate in this project.

christyChristy-Ann Sambo
Geb.datum/ born: 18-01-1987 Curaçao
[Filmlengte/ length: 3:37 minuten]

Title/ titel: “A Satisfied Life”
My dream is to become a movie director and I hope my dream will come true someday. This opportunity have give me the strength to go on never give up and keep on going after my dreams.

frenjeskaFrenjeska Schoop
Geb.datum/ born: 19-10-1989 Curaçao
[Filmlengte/ length: 4:40 minuten]

Title/ titel: “The Same Side”
I took part in this workshop because my dream is to become a filmmaker. Because I want to learn more about making movies I used this opportunity to make my first steps into the world of making films…