drawing-typologies-stedelijk-en-nog-centraal-museum-150Visual artist and IBB co-founder David Bade, shall speak at a gathering of the Liverpool Biennial about the institute and the artistship connected to it on the 27th of september. Other speakers at this gathering are: Charlotte Elias (CCA Trinidad), Alison Thompson (Art critic from Barbados) and Elvis Fuentes (director “El Museo del Bario”, East Harlem NYC). His sculpture “Het beeld dat ik nog moet maken” (the sculpture that i haven’t made yet) is also available for viewing till the 4th of october in the expostition ‘Brieven uit Arcadia; Een keuze uit de NOG collectie’ at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

spirit-of-the-caribe-persVisual artist and IBB co-founder Tirzo Martha (Curaçao, 1965)is showing his work in the exposition ‘Infinite Island: Contemporary Caribbean Art’ at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City. This unique exhibition of Caribbean contemporary art shall be open till the 27th of january 2008.