Hereby we want to invite you to our special end-of-the-year Christmas presentation! On Friday the 14th of December at Pachi de Sola (Kranshi Bieu) in Scharloo, from 19.h30 on.

In September the IBB started a new year for the Orientation Course with thirteen young talents. In these few months time they have become a very tight group that supports each other very much, we are proud to say. For the 14th of December they are preparing a very special ‘performance’ at IBB put together by our Dutch resident Ronald Cornelissen and our new guests from the US Davin Brainard (artist/performer) and Sara Lapinsky (fashion designer).

Also our guest from the Dominican Republic will be present, Tony Capellan. So be there, or you will be the only one not able to talk about this…! Please RSVP ( No dress code!